From the recording PLEASE DON'T TELL ME


(Words & Music by:Basil Burdalas) D'Eva Morrow=Lead Vox/Al Towle=Drums/Paul Burke=Bass/Duane Harlick=Guitar/Jim Wilupa & the Main Street Soul Horns/El Gato=Keys&Synths;
VERSE 1: I thought I died and went to heaven when I saw you walk through that door Every inch of me was on fire, every thought was holding and wanting you more Please don't tell me that you love someone else, cause I gave you my heart, made a new start, kept you beggin' for more
 VERSE 2: I spend every waking hour thinking of you, you're a part of me, I'm breathing you in Oh, there's nothin' that I won't do, I'd do anything for you on a whim Hold me closer feel your heartbeat next to mine It's like magic, a daydream, a blessing, oasis, a place where there's no time
CHORUS: The things you've told me have unlocked every door Sweet tender kisses, how your body keeps me warm Drunken lovin' every Saturday night But something has changed, it's just not the same, I'm prayin' with all of my might
VERSE 3: It's not the way I wanted it, I can't do anything to hold back the tears Oh, I've lost a big part of me, I lay naked to face my worst fears Please don't ask me if I love you anymore, cause I can't find the strength, to see you in pain, when you walk out of that door.