I was born in Detroit and led a diverse and adventurous life. My early days transitioned from a multi-ethnic community to something out of a Bowery Boys movie with characters such as "Hamster, Mouse, Chicago, Smiley, Freddy Joe, Boola,"..... Talk about Mischief and Mayhem! I was fortunate to experience the end of the Swing era which morphed into the Oldies era that still "root's" me. I still long for those days-gathering on the corners and singing Doo Wop! I changed characters acting like "the Fonz" -then becoming more of a Beatnik which led to PSYCHEDELIA! I danced through the Disco era and once I melded all those influences ...became the entity that I am now. The major difference today is my profound Spirituality that has shaped my life forever.


I have been a musician since 1970-taking up the Bass-becoming a folk artist, playing 6&12 string guitars w/my trusty little harmonica (which enabled me to troubadour around the US and Canada for over 3 years) which is when I started writing songs. I then found that the piano was my "friend" enabling me to express myself in different ways. I have since recorded 3 CD's, played at Michigan's top venues(DTE, Meadowbrook and Festivals, etc..)opening for Clint Black, B.R.Cyrus, Bombshell, Joe Nichols, Dwight Yokum, etc)...booked on TV(Fox), played on radio, and see better days ahead. I am currently in a Detroit based Rock-Country band, Gypsy & the Rockers among several others.

I have spent my entire life giving to others in my work. I served in the U.S.Army for 3 years. I am a Photographer, Videographer, Musician, DJ, Educator, Inventor, Medical Professional, Chauffer, Freight Subcontractor.......& Minister. I am a Graduate of the Specs Howard School of Broadcasting, EMT, ER Tech, Respiratory Tech, Educator for EastPoint Adult Ed. and Owner of Burdalas Enterprises.


 I  am currently recording my new single"Patient Fool" feat. D'Eva. My reward in life is Ministering the teachings of Christ... while being a single parent of a wonderful 32yo son that has done so much for his family. I will work hard to keep him proud of me!