No Guts, No Glory I have returned to Detroit for the meantime. I have no regrets and am glad to see my loved ones. However, the journey began a year ago when I completely surrendered to my Lord, and will continue on for the rest of my days. I walk with Jesus every step I take. There is much work to be done here, there and everywhere. My ministry continues and grows stronger everyday... ”

— The Christian Gospel

I have taken a hiatus from my business life, and as an ordained minister, I have been called upon to walk with my Lord and strengthen Christianity. My journey begins on Easter 2014 and will convene upon reaching Los Angeles. As I walk across the US with my companion-Fido, I will impart the 5 virtues {Respect-Compassion-Faith-Hope-Love} and help bring those in the darkness closer to the light..... Basil Burdalas” - Basil Burdalas


EL GATO EMBARKS ON A NEW CD COMBINING ELEMENTS OF "BURDALAS" & "CONCRETE RODEO" Writer/Producer/Keys/Guitar/Bass/Vox/Loops/Drum Pgm./Percussion. "Music was the 1st compelling force in my life. Fortunately, I was exposed to the greatest array of musical styles in a single lifetime-ranging from the 40's through the 21st century. My father played piano in silent film theaters, and my mother felt passion in beautiful music. That is what sometimes brings me to tears when I hear a song in a certain way, and also, why I feel such joy in playing my instruments. I played in several Detroit based groups inc: Hybrid/Soundbyte/Darron Powers Group/Concrete Rodeo, etc...however, the greatest experience was when I was younger and hitchiking throughout the states and Canada playing and paying my way. For those of you who remember the hippie with the 12 string guitar and harmonica.... hope you've made your way in health." "I'm excited to begin this new musical journey with some of my old colleagues.” - Bill Boola


Basil Burdalas, this is a reminder for Concert Benefit-Assembly Line Sat Mar 28 8:30pm – 9pm (Timezone: Eastern Time) AJ's Cafe/240 W.9 Mile/Fenrndale,Mi./248-399-3946 (map) Calendar: Basil Burdalas Owner/Creator: N/CBackline & Instruments Availassemblylineconcert.comMore event details»” - A.J.


CONCRETE RODEO PLAYS THE EMERALD THEATER- This band should be named "Against All Odds". Even under the strangest of circumstances-Concrete Rodeo stood up to the plate and delivered with several of their best songs (from their upcoming release-Remnentz) like "Long Way to Fall....Dixie.......Givin' Up....Go Easy.....Back Around the Mountain. "We'd like to give The Christy Howard Band a special thanx for staying with the program and playin so professionally", says Al Towle". *Leslie Ann started the show with an acoustic set.” - Coleman Crooks


SHAR N' BASIL DUET- Currently in progress is the transition from bandmates to duo. Basil and Sharon (Concrete Rodeo) are preparing to perform as an acoustic duo throughout the Metro-Detroit area. Their songs will range from Country to Jazz to R&B to Acoustic R&R. Don't be surprised to see Brian there as well.” - Thaddeus Billingsby


FERNDALE'S MARATHON CONTINUES- The Assembly Line Concert Marathon in Ferndale is still turning out the bands attempting to break the Guiness World record for consecutive bands.. Concrete Rodeo (Sharon & Basil) had a blast performing their 1/2 hour set. "We can't believe the time-effort and logistical acrobatics that were necessary to pull this thing off. Great! job A.J. and crew. Please, everyone...go to A.J.'s Music Cafe and spend a few bucks while the Marathon is stil running, and anytime after." This is also simulcast "Live" around the World.” - Renee T.


REMNENTZ" RELEASE DATE- Concrete Rodeo has finally set a release date for their eagerly-anticipated debut CD " Remnentz". "I am so excited to have a product that we have worked so hard and patiently for",said Sharon Taylor (lead vox). The CD consists of 5 songs inc: Long Way to Fall-Dixie-Go Easy-Back Around the Mountain-Dangerous. "This is an ecclectic mix of country with a twang of blues, soul and R&R", says co-founder and keyboardist, El Gato."Our next step is to innundate and saturate the marketplace and airwaves-this is truly a remarkable product!” - Mr. Skin


THIS BAND IS HOT"- "The Red Ryder band was RIGHT ON in their energy and showmanship last night at the "Memphis Smoke"( in Royal Oak, Mi). The audience was receptive and captivated.” - Larry Garcia-founder


CONCRETE RODEO'S CD- Concrete Rodeo is currently working on their long awaited EP at Taroland Studios in Eastpoint, Mi. The CD will consist of 5 songs inc. Long Way to Fall and Go Easy. Also, will be included is their rising hit "Dixie" (as seen on the CBS Morning show). Stay tuned on the web.Tentative date is Jun 1, 07.” - Titus McCoy