From the recording SHANGRI LA


Words & Music by: Basil Burdalas

El Gato:Keys & Synths/Drums & Perc.Pgm * Kat Orlando:Vox * Duane Harlick:Guitars * D.C.Washington:Bass

I dream of you, and all that we once knew
Was the moment worth the price we paid
Romantic rendevouz on that summer night
What will it take for me to finally walk away
Shangri La.........is where you are

I spend my days in quiet masquerade
Knowing love in pain and solitude
(Many nights I sat by the phone waiting to hear your voice)
(But I know you said it all, when you walked out that door)


Shangri La.........is where you are

That fateful day, I saw you in L.A.
Tears of joy turned to summer rain
You whispered something sweet from a tattered poem
Knowing that what we had somehow had remained

SOLO: Ohhhhhh........

Shangri La.......is where we are
Shangri La.......